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On the day Tancredi was born, scientists discovered a new star.

They called it Surprise.

They should have called it Armageddon.

Tancredi was born on the same day that scientists discovered a small star they named Surprise. This star, so insignificant it went unnoticed for millennia, revealed it would develop into a supernova and become the instrument of Armageddon across the Universe.

Humankind has become so riddled with the disease of short-termism that it ignores its fate. Tancredi decides to make it his mission to save them. Made rich by his invention of the MoronOmeter, he buys a ticket for the space ship Invincible on its maiden voyage through the galaxy.

It is a decision that will change everything.

TANCREDI is James Palumbo's biting new satire. Beautifully illustrated and reminiscent of The Little Prince and Gulliver's Travels, it is in turn shocking and profound, undercut with the dark humour that made TOMAS so scandalous and successful.